President’s Message

Now that summer vacations are past and in-person school has started, soon we’ll be welcoming the glory of fall as leaves turn brilliant colors and pumpkin spice begins to flow. Recently I asked a co-worker how she felt about her children returning to in-person school. I wondered which was more stressful: sending the children back to school and a more ‘normal’ routine or continuing with virtual learning at home. She responded with “It’s a mixed bag, honestly. It is stressful getting them ready to go back to school, but it is nice having them back in a routine with an in-person teacher and interacting with other kids.”

As we head into the final quarter of the year, I am reminded of how much hard work and accomplishments the Global Board has completed. I’m so very proud of the board, their resilience and dedication to power through a year where we faced so many unforgettable challenges. Not only did they hurdle every obstacle in their way, they blasted through them and prospered: increasing membership, welcoming new sponsors, completing our first ever virtual programs, enlisting several speakers and events virtually, and including diversity every step of the way. The goals the board set forth for this year are well on their way to being met by each director. We plan to end the year stronger than ever, which included attending our first in-person board meeting in September since our last one November 2019! 

We will outline all these accomplishments as each director gives an update at our Annual Business Meeting scheduled for Friday, October 15th at 12:00 PM EST. You will also learn about changes and updates to the Global Board, including the 2022 slate of directors that members recently voted on.

As the leaves fall and as children settle into their routine at school, the women on the Global Board of Directors will continue their hard work into 2022, which will bring yet another record year as Kara Byrne with Baker Hughes leading as the incoming new President. The Global Board will begin transitioning roles at the transition meeting in November. I look forward to supporting them in the role of Past President next year, but first – let’s finish  2021 stronger than ever!

Tara Meek
WEN President