National President’s Message

December 2020

On a recent Saturday morning, I was outside at the local farmer’s market, holiday music playing, and I heard the lyric “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas,” and I thought no it’s not.  It’s not feeling at all like Christmas.  It’s 80 degrees, all of my annual December outings – work parties, lunches with friends, even school holiday programs – are cancelled in 2020.  I won’t be getting together with any extended family this year due to COVID-19 risks.

So, what’s left? Where’s the silver lining?  How will I best make use of my time in order to enter 2021 refreshed, centered, and strong?  My choice is to focus on peace in this last month of the year.  I want to identify and make peace with the changes in me brought on by this year like no other.  Never before has the phrase “You do you” had such meaning to me.  Wait a minute, you mean I can dress, think, talk, show up or not show up, act, do or not do whatever I want and, by and large, everything is o.k.?  Maybe everyone else already knew it, and I am late to the party.  But, for me, a silver lining of 2021 is an enhanced awareness that I choose in each moment where I want to put my focus and effort, and moving forward, I give myself permission to focus on the things that make me happy and that I find interesting and fulfilling.  

WEN is one those things, for sure.  The relationships that I have developed over 15 years and all the great work this organization is doing to benefit women is a bright spot; a nourishing experience for me.  In 2021, expect more great stuff from WEN.  Under the leadership of President Tara Meek (WEN Greater Pittsburgh) and President-Elect Kara Byrne (WEN Houston), I leave WEN National in great hands, and I know that WEN will grow in size, benefit from expanded diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and offer increased opportunities for our members to interact across chapters to gain the greatest benefits possible from WEN membership.

To each and every one of you, I wish you peace in this holiday season, and I hope you find your silver lining.
Jana Grauberger
Liskow & Lewis
WEN National President