National President’s Blog

October has been a busy month at National and the chapter level.  Elections and annual meetings are in full swing.  If you missed the National Annual Meeting, you can view the presentation and/or listen to the recording.

This year, one of our primary objectives has been to increase the transparency of the National Board.  That effort includes circulating this monthly newsletter, which includes board outcomes and important information that affects all members.  
In addition, we convened a governance task force to review National bylaws, policies and guidance.  The resulting products from that task force, including the bylaws changes that were adopted this month, will be posted on the member portion of the website.  Thanks to National Secretary Whitney Randolph and her team for all their hard work.
Building on a strong foundation, we have continued the development of our National structure.  Through task forces, we have provided more opportunities for involvement at the National level, and we will continue that growth next year with the addition of chair positions.  In addition, we are upgrading the website to improve functionality and to include chapter microsites to improve member communication and interaction.  And, we couldn't do any of this without our association management group, AMR Management Services, which has been a phenomenal partner in the continued growth of WEN. 
Another key goal at National this year is to increase resources to support the 20 chapters--after all, we are simply here to support our chapters and members.  So, we began holding regular calls between National directors and their chapter peers to discuss best practices and share ideas.  Additionally, we started offering AMR-led web training meetings with chapter leaders on hot topics. 
Finally, we began the shift from a working board to a strategic board.  Each of the National officers and directors established goals and expectations at the beginning of the year, and we will review those at our National leadership and transition meeting in November in Pittsburgh.  And, a strategic planning process will begin next year to define WEN's path forward over the next few years. 
So, as we finish the last quarter of the year, thanks to current chapter leaders and volunteers, and welcome to new ones as we continue our goal of empowering women in energy!
Erin Magee
Jackson Kelly PLLC
WEN National President